Wine Cellar Design for Artistic Elegance

Having a sip of wine is a great pleasure for some people but what about having your own wine cellar using one mesmerizing wine cellar design? The design of your personal wine cellar should be the one that you can be proud of. The one that you can show your elegant side, because feasting on wine is all about elegance and luxury. There are various design for wine cellar based on what kind of nuance that you want to build. Let’s check it out.

Wonderful Wine Cellar Design Decorated with Large Traditional Style Using Wooden Shelving Decor and Concrete Tile Flooring Decoration Ideas

Glass Protected Wine Cellar Design for Better Quality

The mostly used style of a wine cellar designis by using big wooden wine racks as places to store wine bottles. Using wooden racks as storages will bring a special and antique impression to your wine cellar. The assembly of the wine racks itself would make different look depend on how you manage it. As it is for storage, protection is something that you need to assure. As a fantastic wine cellar design ideas you can apply glass walls to its surrounding. By putting half inch glass to cover your wine cellar may serve some purpose. First, it will give an image both for your wine collection and yourself. A gorgeous image of you. Second, the glass will give protection to outsiders, just like a glass armor but this time, it is not people inside, but your precious wine bottles. Last, the glass will provide best service to the refrigeration and humidification process, keeping your wine at its best for any time you need.

Wine Cellar Design for Different Placement

Different placement of wine cellar will lead to different wine cellar design as well. Maybe for home wine cellar you can’t use too much space. With that limitation, you could use a wooden cabinet to store your valuable wine. Some curvy patterns or ancient ornaments can be applied as decorations on your cabinet. This will create an old charm feel to your own wine cellar. But some people might have bigger space, like one whole basement to store the wine, you can build a custom made wine shelf to maximize the storage. You need  to match your wine design cellar plans to the construction of your basement. You don’t even need to stick the wooden shelf to the wall, instead you can make it like small steps that store your wine bottles beneath them. By maximizing the dimension used, you can even store thousands bottles!

Unique Minimalist Wine Cellar Design Decorated with Traditional Style Using Wooden Shelving and Marble Flooring Design Ideas Inspiration

Building your own wine cellar needs to be calculated precisely. The materials, the storage conditions, the wine racks, and many more need to be chosen specifically that suits you and your house’s construction. Choose the one that match your own style. Wine Cellar Design may be vary when you need to make an amazing wine stash and it’s both about function and look.

Awesome Wine Cellar Design with Minimalist Contemporary Style Using Wooden Shelving Decoration for Inspiration Design Ideas

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Chic Minimalist Wine Cellar Design Decorated in Traditional Style Using Limestone Tile Flooring and Wooden Furniture for Wine Shelving

Comfortable Wine Cellar Design in Large Space Using Wooden Flooring and Wooden Shelving Decoration Ideas Inspiration

Cool Traditional Wine Cellar Design Using Wooden Furniture for Shelving Completed with Concrete Tile Flooring in Minimalist Space

Elegant Small Wine Cellar Design Decorated with Traditional Furniture using White Cabinet and Large Wine Shelving Decor for Inspiration

Fantastic Minimalist Wine Cellar Design Using Traditional Furniture with Wooden Shelving Combined with Traditional Lighting Ideas

Spacious Small Wine Cellar Design with Traditional Furniture using Black Wooden Cabinet Ideas Combined with Glass Material for Inspiration

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