Window Covering Ideas with a 50 Shades of Curtains and Sliding Patio Doors

It would be so chic and stylish if your window has the window covering ideas. It is up to you if you want to let your window open and anyone can see it through form the outside of your house. But, if you need some privacy, a tight privacy, you must consider bringing the window covers as the product of the windows treatment one. The form of the window covering is so mundane and tons of them. You can even make it by yourself to reduce your personal expenses right?

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Window Covering Ideas in a 50 Shades of Curtains

Why we talk about the 50 shades of curtains? Yes, because as you know, curtain is one of the bestwindow covering ideas. Moreover, curtain is definitely more than 50 shades of them. Just like the rugs design, the curtain design also comes in myriad tones, patterns, and colors. You can select the color as you like representing your desire and personality. The shades of curtains are also different in the location of your residence. Let say you have a residence in the coastal side, all you have to do is place the blue themed curtain into your window as a companion.

Instead of using the side curtain, you are also can use the vertical curtain in your window covering ideas. This kind of curtain offers you a simplicity but eclectic way in your bedroom decoration let say. This kind of curtain usually comes in a rattan form but there is also the fabric version. Taking about the window treatments, you must also talk about the curtain tie as the proper accessories for the curtain. Other than using a fabricated tie, you can you use your daily home appliances like man ties, belt, bracelet, or the other homey stuff as your curtain tie.

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Window Covering Ideas with Sliding Doors

But how if you have much money to spend and you want to create a stiff view of your window? Simply place the sliding door or sliding patio screen door to cover your window in the interior side. This door is absolutely can be one of the window covering ideas with a sturdy and robust.

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