Wall to Wall Carpet Done in Variative Design

Using carpet as our home’s flooring will increase the comfort, especially with wall to wall carpet. This technique is done by covering all of your floors with carpet. No gaps, no space for bare floor. Therefore, choosing the right and desired design of the carpet is essential to create your lovely home. Do you like the monocolor ones? The ones with pattern? Bright ones? Those all will depend on your interest.

Bedroom Interior with Traditional Furniture in Cream Color using Wall to Wall Carpet finished in Tropical Decoration

Wall to Wall Carpet for Soothing Experience

Choosing cool color like light blue to your wall to wall carpet will bring the relaxing feel to the room. Some wall to wall carpet trends are using heart-warming color or with pattern. Light blue is one color that won’t make your eyes tired just by looking, instead, it would put your mind and heart at ease. As for the furniture, use the combination of pale white or light and dark blue mixture to make sure the design is not fully light blue, not flat. You can count on the sunlight for the lighting during the day time by putting a glass window to let it come through to your room. Variation can be applied as well. Fusion of Asian culture with Scandinavian design resulting in a lotus flowers and bamboo pattern. Designed with dark blue, this design will give a contemporary feel yet so calming.

Designing Wall to Wall Carpet with Unique Aeshtetic Element

Playing is not only the way to make your wall to wall carpet looks stunning. Apply some design to bring the empire throne right inside your home by using Geoff Haley’s alexandra border design. His design is mainly consist of the curvy pattern with glittery diamonds accross the carpet. It gives the luxury and charismatics feels to your home. His design in green and gold gives unique nuance to your floors.  Another work of him is the blue based with golden pattern that gives the exclusive element to your environment.

Modern Living Room Interior Decorated with Wall to Wall Carpet and Soft Blue Fabric Sofa Combined with Fireplace Design

Lowe’s Inc. is one option if you want to decorate your flooring. They give service of installing carpet. Some professional constructor like that can be asked to install your carpetting job, instead of working alone if it’s your preferable way. Wall to wall carpet is one thing that you need to think about carefully since it will affect your entire home’s atmosphere, and if you make a wrong move, it would be quite serious problem.

Hallway Interior Design Decorated with Beige Wall to Wall Carpet Combined with Traditional Fireplace Ideas

Hallway Interior with Colorful Wall to Wall Carpet Design using Artistic Motif Completed with Traditional Chandelier

Home Office Design Interior Decorated with Wall to Wall Carpet Ideas using Minimalist Furniture made from Wooden Material

Home Office Interior Design with Minimalist Wall to Wall Carpet and Wooden Home Office Furniture Design

Meeting Room Decorated with Modern Wall to Wall Carpet Combined with Modern Ceiling Design Ideas for Inspiration

Meeting Room with Modern Furniture using Vintage Wall to Wall Carpet Design Completed with Stylish Pendant Lighting Ideas

Modern Living Room with Wall to Wall Carpet Combined with Glass Wall Ideas and Modern Cream Sofa Design

Small Living Room Design Interior with Vintage Wall to Wall Carpet Completed with White Upholstered Chair

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