Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel Providing Exotic Nature and Culture

If you have a plan to visit Bali someday, don’t forget to put Ubud Hanging Gardens in your list place to go. It is one of the best hotels in Bali located in the tourism area, Ubud. The concept of this hotel is not like common hotel that focus on modernity. In the other hand, the Ubud hotel will welcome every guest with its natural product. Absolutely, this hotel is located in the small village where the nature is still untouched, clean and fresh.

Best Morning Day with Beautiful Panoramas by Unique Pools in Ubud Hanging Gardens

The Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali has some facilities that are not different and in the same level with five-star hotel, such as private pool, spa, public infinity pool and many more. The most exciting of this hotel is the view providing by the place you enjoy the water in the pool. When you are enjoying the water on the pool, you will see wonderful greenery view. The infinity pool is overlooking the green valley that is very cool and fresh.

You can get the real relaxation time in this hotel. Except the public pool, this place has also private pool and spa with the same magnificent view. The design of this hotel is adopted from traditional Balinese culture, including interior and exterior architecture. Some exotic Balinese architecture can be seen in this Ubud hotel, such as carved wood, thatched roof, and some stone sculptures. Moreover, the hotel staff will always wear traditional Balinese suit.

Amazing Concept in Ubud Hanging Gardens with Cozy Pools and Fresh Planters

The most interesting spot in this hotel, I think, is the infinity pool. That pool is in the position overlooking the nature. In the private pool, you can enjoy the beautiful sunset with your lovely wife or husband. There is also traditional restaurant in this hotel. The restaurant is designed in the space connected to outdoor. So, you can enjoy the dinner like outdoor dinner, plus natural atmosphere in Ubud Hanging Gardens Bali Indonesia that is wonderful.

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Comfy Ubud Hanging Gardens with Spa Beds plus Pillows and Umbrella for Relaxing Times

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Luxuriant of Planters Surrounding Ubud Hanging Gardens Areas to Freshen It

Natty Grey Lounges plus Grey Umbrellas in Ubud Hanging Gardens with Expansive Pool Kit Design

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