Standard Counter Height Versus Bar Counter Height

What is standard counter height table and what is the different between it and bar height tables? Which one is commonly used in the household and the favorite of modern family in most of countries? Most of people use the same size of table or counter because they buy it in a store and that tables made from the factory. So, the factory has a common measurement to make the table or counter for houses and appliance.

Contemporary Kitchen Design with Grey Kitchen Cabinet and Standard Counter Height Completed with Wooden Bar Stools

Benefit of a Standard Counter Height for Household

Standard counter height table measures between 35 inches to 37 inches, but the common measurement is 36 inches. In the other hand, bar counter height table is measures between
39 inches to 42 inches and is used in a bar or pub. The chair will be 28 inches to 30 inches height. Although, the bar counter height is commonly used in a bar or pub, many house are installed this type of counter in their kitchen to add the atmosphere of a bar to their house, instead of a standard counter height kitchen.

The advantages of using standard counter height in your kitchen is you can find more type, model, and design, so you have a wider option to pick your own table. It also has the most comfortable size for most people, both Asian and Caucasian because it is not too low or too high for their size. It is different with the table height or bar height which will not accommodate different size of person and of course are not much comfortable for some people. The same way goes for standard counter height bathroom which is designed for people’s comfort.

Dining Room Interior Design Decorated with Wooden Dining Furniture using Standard Counter Height Ideas for Inspiration

Standard Counter Height and the People

If you want to buy a counter for your kitchen and you go to a store, maybe you will find a counter in 36 inches height because it is the standard measurement for a counter. A counter is produced in a factory, so it has the likelihood to have similar heights with the others counter. Somehow, people cannot choose a counter which is vary and suits his height properly if they go to a store. The different things go whether they made the counter by custom-made, so they will not affected by the standard counter height.

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