Shower Bathroom Ideas for Your Modern Home Design

Shower is one of the most essential body needs. In order to keep clean and healthy we need to have shower everyday, seven day a week and 365 days in a year. Must be a boring one if you had a plain stiff bathroom. So here, I have several bathroom shower ideas, to cheer up your bathroom and the rest of your day.

Custom Vanity Sink Cabinet Feats With Smooth White Grommet Curtain And Pretentious Bathroom Shower Ideas

Bathroom is a place where you get rid of al your dullness and dirt, to get you cleaner and fresher. So a clean tidy bathroom is a must. Like this futuristic small but affective bathroom, dominated by white color of the wall creating a clean nuance in this bathroom. The shower itself is covered by a round glass cover with a big shower right in the middle of the roof, giving a rain like effect when you taking a shower underneath it. There are several hidden storage and shelf in the white curvature wall surrounding the bathroom. The hidden compartment help create a futuristic bathroom effect.

This bathroom, on the other hand, have more calming blue color scheme. Covered by tiny tile all over the wall and the bathtub this bathroom is more like an artwork than a cleansing area. The shower is in tandem with the bathtub in very unique way. The side of the bathtub have some see trough part, instead of covered by wall like the other part, its covered by a piece of glass that extend all the way up and double as shower wall. Some of the roof is also see trough, letting the sun to enlighten the bathroom with the natural light.

Sophisticated Bathroom Shower Ideas With With Round Orange Niche And Black White Floating Sink

Those are just some modern shower bathroom ideas for your modern home design. Remember to keep the basic concept of clean in your bathroom, before you create a unique and wonderful shower design. Because it the essence of the bathroom itself.

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