Polished Concrete Floors as Strong Base Flooring

Home flooring can be done by many ways, including carpets, tiles, or with polished concrete floors. Using polished concrete as floors might be popular and preferable for some people. By polishing concrete floors to a smooth state, it give unique beauty at some point, as well as providing strong base or your home. Interested in applying this technique? Let’s check the details.

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Polished Concrete Floors for Strong and Fabulous Base

Using a spesific polished concrete floors to your house give it beauty accent. However, polished concrete floors in home is quite seldom to be chosen. Using this polished concrete flooring can result in unique pattern of floor. It can be white in basic with dot-like ornaments on it. No, it’s not like dirt or something that makes it dirty, just the pattern. This prevent your home to look monotonous as well as mind easing pattern. Other pattern, like a shaddy gray pattern is also create certain feels to the room. The shades of gray gives it classy look and rare charm to the floor. Since it’s polished, it will end in a glossy floor as the result makes it quite sparking in a glance of eye.

Polished Concrete Floors with Its Pros and Cons

All technique will always its own pros and cons, not to mention the polished concrete floors’. The polished concrete floors pros and cons are something that you need to consider before applying it to your home sweet home. This polished concrete is extremely durable and able to withstand heavy stuffs like grand piano, cars, solid wood cabinet and so on. Its smooth forelayer also scratch resistant as it’s polished as the finishing. For properly maintained ones would be long lasting, no longer forcing you to change the material periodically. On the other side, the hardness of the concrete makes it uncomfortable for you to stand for a long time. On a climate, this kind of flooring also will be bone-striking cold, makes us unable to stand for a long periods of time. There’re many more of the positives and drawbacks of polished concrete.

Interior Home Design using Polished Concrete Floors Ideas Combined with Minimalist Staircase Finished in Contemporary Style

Deciding to use this kind of flooring needs to be thought carefully. The plus and minus side should be made as concern before you get the deal done. However, if you can manage this flooring well, you can get the advantages for your own good. Polished concrete floors as a tough strong based is a precious thing if maintained properly.

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