Painted Hardwood Floors for Colorful Nature Element

Wood, as we know, has been modified not only for the base of building a house but also as ornaments and painted to be a painted hardwood floors. Using hardwood floors with natural color can bring the natural elements right inside your house but one step further, by applying paint to the wood, will create different feel for the floor itself. Different possibilities will give different accent to the entire house’s value.

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Painted Hardwood Floors with Minimalist Mixture

Using minimalist style to the soon-to-be painted hardwood floors will result to a unique but simply gorgeous design. Let’s say you give it white paint. Have any images how it will be? White painted wood floor is simply futuristic, if you combine it with modern furniture, and simply calming when you put some eccentric or wooden based furnitures. In short, white paint brings you to dual effects, depend on how you organize your room later. You might want to take a look at some painted hardwood floors pictures before transforming your own floor to give an image about how it will look later. Dark (black or dark brown), for instance, will give contemporary style, soothing feeling is guaranteed. Along with some artistic furnitures like patterned chandeliers or unique hanging lamps with quite bright illuminance will make it more relaxing.

Modern-Looking Painted Hardwood Floors with Pattern Design

To give more accent to your painted hardwood floors, you can apply some simple motives or gorgeous pattern on it even it’s just a simple pattern or motive.  Square pattern is a good deal. The variations would be the paints. You can maintain the wood color, meaning you only apply one more color, or you can totally change the natural wood color. You can combine two natural colors, black and white, or put leaf green along with natural wood color to give it feel like tree’s color (even not all trees have green leaves). But, you have to remember, giving pattern to your floor should be done by extra precaution. In case you spill the paint over, painted hardwood floors removal should be done by applying some paint removal. Overall, pale paints will do the job. They give calm and soothing accent to your room. For extraordinary choice, crimson red also a charming choice. It gives the taste of eccentric aura.

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Giving colors to your hardwood floors is one way to decorate your house to an advance level. Out of the natural color of the wood, there’re a lot more possibilities of combining that natural material with any color that we desire. Painted hardwood floors could make a great choice to give your home sweet home charming atmosphere.

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