Modern Office Design Inspirations for Stylish Workspace

These modern office design inspirations will be a great source of ideas on how to create a work place that is not only comfortable to work, but also stylish and stunning. It is especially important to prevent your employees from getting both physically and mentally exhausted as they have to stay in the office building for at least 40 hours every week. Well, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Extraordinary Long Corridor with Floor to Floor Carpet in Modern Office Design

Let’s start from one of modern office design ideas here. As you can see, the modern contemporary interior for this office building employs white color generously, thus resulting in airy atmosphere that is accentuated even more by the generous use of transparent glass material. Each office space is open to hallways, thus creating openness without having to create the noise. Insulating noises surely is an important thing to do for this office design and you can consider installing thick glass panel in doing so.

Alternatively, what about incorporating the cool industrial design style into your commercial office interior? Take a look at this modern office idea to guide you. The modern industrial interior style is created by keeping the room free from clutter, so the employees will not be easily distracted, along with the striking exposed ceiling design that accentuates the industrial feel. As you can see, this office design is perfect for you who want to create an open and interactive team work environment by eliminating partitions between office desks.

Fetching Modern Office Design with Grey Living Seating and Glass Table Enlightened Cicular Lamps

However, when it comes to designing commercial office interior, the workspace isn’t the only important aspect to consider. There are still many aspects to take into account thoroughly, such as office recreational room for employees to have a short break and lobby or reception area. You can take a look at the modern office interior design ideas we have collected for you here to inspire you!

Glossy Hanging Storages and Neat Desk for Computer Units in Modern Office Design

Imposing Modern Office Design Exposing Dark Stool for Long Dining Table in Bright White Touches

Magnificent Two Rooms with Screen Glass Door Ideas at Modern Office Design

Natty Meeting Table for Ten Users with Arch Lamp in Modern Office Design

Prepossessing Modern Office Design with Unique Desk and Big Potted Plant Enlightened by Lamp

Shipshape Modern Office Design Displaying Contemporary Desks and Gothic Swivel Chairs Illuminated by Lamps

Spacious House Interior Modern Office Design Exposing Chocolate Fur Rug and Natty Cabiniets

Awesome White Blue Ideas for Modern Office Design with Fixture Floating Lamp

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