Modern Garage Doors in an Astonishing Protection

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Using garage doors isn’t only about your vehicle protection but now we know the modern garage doors serve beauty purpose as well. People might not pay more attention to their garage doors. That will lead to a basic design that only make their garage a closed room. Aside from protection, designing garage will give more value to your property. Leaving better impression for people that pass by your house can be done by giving your garage doors an artistic touch.

Beautiful Modern Garage Doors Design Using Glass Material Combined with Wooden Frame Decoration and Outdoor Staircase Ideas with Stone and Concrete Material

Modern Garage Doors with Simple Aesthetics

There are some modern garage doors design that you can use to make it far more stunning. It does not need to be a fancy design if you prefer the simple yet charming gear. What about an old style beauty? You can apply mid century modern garage doors design to your front visual look! A custom made stainless steel garage door can be a great deal with the complementary of black glass rectangular window.. Elegant, simple, but charismatic one. Aside from the visual value, it is a deal with minimal maintenance. Super simple. As for further aesthetic purpose, you can embed some simple geometric designs to your garage door, just not to make it too plain or flat.  White base garage with dark gray decal, or vice versa, will do the job. Simplicity in astonishing design.

Alluring Modern Garage Doors in Woody Style

Designing stunning modern garage doors is not only limited to metal only. Using thick steel or stainless steel is not the only choice. You can bring it to the next level which is popular as well to give contemporary visual look. Use wood as base material. By designing modern wood garage doors, you can give more color to your front look. Wooden garage doors are tricky ones because you can just apply some random colors to them. Wood’s natural brown color will blend in just right with your house’s paint. This kind of color will bring soothing impression to everyone who put their sight to your garage doors. But don’t stop right there, you can modify that more by giving colorful touch. The colors needed are not the bright glowing ones, but neutral ones instead. For modern look, you can give it eggshell white with dark gray accent. The wood cut itself can be vary. You can modify the appearance by using curve cut design that makes it not to monotone and awesome looking.

Stunning Modern Garage Doors Design made from Glass Material Combined with Orange Wall Color and Concrete Tile Flooring Design Ideas

Designing your garages door for both protection and aesthtetic purpose need  to be done by knowing your own style first. The design of your garage doors will affect your entire house’s value, therefore, making it more artistic is a great decision. Modern garage doors design concept can be used to unleash more of your house’s beauty elements.

Awesome Modern Garage Doors Design made from Wooden Material in Minimalist Decoration Combined with Cream Concrete Wall Design

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Cool Modern Garage Doors Design with White Color made from Wooden Material in Brown Brick Wall Decoration

Incredible Modern Garage Doors Design with White Color made from Wooden Material Combined with Red Wall Color Finished in Traditional Touch

Interesting Simple Modern Garage Doors Design made from Wooden Material Combined with Cream Concrete Wall for Garage Inspiration

Sensational Modern Garage Doors Design using Glass Material Combined with Steel Material in Concrete Wall Design

Unique Minimalist Modern Garage Doors Design with Wooden Material Combined with Glass Material in Small Decor Using Concrete Tile Flooring

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