Making a Wonderful Garden Path Ideas Using Stones

Big house with spacious garden area, where everything is colorful, calm, refreshing and beautiful is so enjoyable, but if you have a large garden, you may want everyone walk in the right path and not destroying your precious plants. Well that’s what we are going to discuss today, garden pathway.

Shady Brown Parasol Mixed With Soothing Backyard Design With Natural Slate Garden Path Ideas

This one is one of the most classic garden path ideas, made of big flat white stones, laid near one another to create a natural looking garden path in the middle of the refreshing green grass. This pathway will connect several different spots in your garden, a gazebo or the main house it self. Walking around the garden on this white stones path will take you back in the colonial days, in the large garden around the king’s castle.

Another garden path ideas, more modern this time, is this wide garden path filled by little gravel. Flank by two island style garden on both side of the path, keeping unauthorized people from your amazing garden. Right in the middle of the path there are this round little garden to make this path more beautiful.

This is the last garden path idea I want to show you. This garden path uses several different stones in the making-process and creates a beautiful patterned pathway. At both side of the path, some colorful flower decorating the garden, anyone walking down this path will enjoy the diversity of flower and trees planted here. In addition, the amazing yet simple pattern on the pathway itself augmented the luxury of this garden.

Astonishing Country Layout With Mountain Landscape Mixed Winding Paver Garden Path Ideas

There are plenty other garden path ideas you can implement in your garden, I hope those three example will unlock your creativity and help you creating a wonderful garden path. Garden is a wonderful place, everyone should enjoy your amazing garden, and these garden path ideas will help them enjoy and help you maintain the garden.

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