Kitchen Island with Cooktop: Two Nice Ones You Can Consider

In many home designs, you must have been familiar with Kitchen Island in the kitchen. It is like a small kitchen counter standing in the middle of the kitchen. The use of it is not always the same. It is because it can be designed for various purposes. If you want additional cook space for example, you can definitely consider Kitchen Island with cooktop. However, cooktop in Kitchen Island is designed variously. Let me show you the pretty nice ones here.

Awesome Kitchen Design with Unique Triple Hanging Lamp above Kitchen Island With Cooktop and Single Sink under Tiny Faucet Size

Kitchen Island in “Kitchen with Library and Guest Bath”

The first design of kitchen island with cooktop I want to tell you here can be seen in “Kitchen with Library and Guest” designed by Studio Bergtraun AIA. You can see that the kitchen island there is rectangular and narrow, so there is no more space in front of the stove on the cooktop to be used as kitchen table to eat. That is why you can’t expect it to give you enough space if you want to eat there with one or two more people.

However, it is still not impossible for you to design kitchen table for one person, you see. How can be so? It is because the kitchen island with cooktop here is rectangular in its shape. You may have used one corner to put the stove, but you can still use the opposite corner to be used as kitchen table. Put a stool and you are done with it. Such kitchen island is good for kitchen with smaller space. It can be good breakfast nook if you are living alone.

Kitchen Island in “Home Design-The Azumi”

The second design of kitchen island with cooktop here is the one in “Home Design-The Azumi” designed by Webb & Brown-Neaves. If the first one is suitable for kitchen with smaller space, this one is suitable for the bigger one. The kitchen island’s cooktop here has the same shape as the one before that is rectangular. But, this one is wider for you can still get space in front of the stove. We are not going to use that space though.

Black Hanging Lamp above Interesting Kitchen Island With Cooktop beside Single Sink under Faucet and Amusing Stools on Wooden Floor

Just like the first, this one has the stove designed around one corner, leaving the rest of the space without anything on it. Thus, you still get pretty wide space to be made as kitchen table to eat together with more than one person to accompany you. So, you can put up to three stools side by side for that, besides the stove but facing different sides. Kitchen Island with cooktop like this allows you to have wide kitchen table too.

Contemporary Tubular Stove above Gas Stove on Kitchen Island With Cooktop near Amusing Fireplace beside Big Window and Plain Wall Paint

Dark Triple Hanging Lamp in Large Kitchen with Nice Chairs on Wooden Floor and Big Kitchen Island With Cooktop plus Casual Window

Large Kitchen with Big Kitchen Island With Cooktop on Interesting Floor Pattern under Small Lighting and Nice Top Cabinets closed Backsplash

Pleasant Kitchen Island With Cooktop above Black Gas Stove and Big Storage beside Wooden Cabinets plus Small Backsplash Tile closed Double Sink

Pretty Flower Decor closed Black Gas Stove on Nice Kitchen Island With Cooktop and White Cabinets Color near Single Sink under Window

Small Lighting Concept for Appealing Kitchen with Nice Runner Motive on Wooden Floor and Long Kitchen Island With Cooktop plus Brown Cabinets

Usual Floortile in Minimalist Kitchen with Nice Window near Pale Wooden Cabinets closed Simple Backsplash Design facing Kitchen Island With Cooktop

Wooden Floor for Amusing Kitchen Design Concept with Small Lighting and Casual Dining Set near Kitchen Island With Cooktop Model

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