Guides to Apply L Shaped Kitchen Island for All Size

There are lots of kinds of shaped kitchen island such as L shaped Kitchen Island that exists in the store. People have their own taste to choose the kitchen islands because of many reasons. It can depend to the size of the kitchen and also the interest of the shape itself. But, not all people can apply the desired kitchen island to the kitchen. The desire is limited by the size or the shape of the kitchen itself. Even though the kitchen is big enough to be filled with Kitchen Island, the kitchen island may not suit with the kitchen because of the shape that makes it not effective in doing the activities in the kitchen.

Attractive L Shaped Kitchen Island closed Black Barstools Color on Amusing Floor Pattern near Silver Refrigerator and Plants Decor on Top Part

The Reason of Choosing L Shaped Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are ranging from single wall Kitchen Island until U Kitchen Island. For people who are planning to stay in the comfort zone while choosing the kitchen island. L shaped kitchen island is mostly chosen because this shape suits to almost all kind of size and shape of the kitchen. The L shape provides two options for people, which can be leaned to the wall. The L shape can also be the independent when the size of the kitchen is wide enough.

Put the Lights above the Kitchen Island Properly

The right light is needed to lighten the L shaped kitchen island. The hanging lamp shouldn’t be too low. If the L shaped kitchen island is leaning on the wall, it is better to put light in the corner of the kitchen island. It is to avoid the darkness of the corner that can create the ignorance of space. Use the surface of the kitchen island wisely. It means that kitchen island doesn’t need much decoration on the surface that can influence the way of using the kitchen island effectively.

Casual Kitchen Design with Tile Window without Curtain between Wooden Top Cabinets closed Nice Backsplash Tile and L Shaped Kitchen Island

Don’t Let the Decoration Ruins the Functionality

By being wisely in choosing the decoration, it is possible to let the rest of the space to function as what it should be. Actually, it is possible to have the counter space under L shaped Kitchen Island, but make sure it doesn’t annoy the functionality of the seats. Or for better choice, the counter should be separated with the seat position.

For another choice, choosing L shaped Kitchen Island without the counter can free your mind while trying to position it. You can plan for the separated counter that is hanging on the kitchen island. Don’t forget to look at the ventilation to get the better light that comes inside the kitchen. Don’t let the furniture covers the light or even covers the way of fresh air to keep your kitchen healthy.

Alluring Kitchen Design Choice with Wooden Floor and Round Stools near L Shaped Kitchen Island closed Nice Backsplash plus Pastel Wall Paint

Fascinating Barstools Model on Floortile under Hanging Lamp near L Shaped Kitchen Island inside Cool Kitchen Design with Slide Window

Gorgeous Kitchen Concept with Black Chairs around L Shaped Kitchen Island on Amusing Floortile Pattern under Small Ceiling Lamps on White Ceiling

Silver Twin Hoods above Marble Countertop near L Shaped Kitchen Island inside Contemporary Kitchen Design with Sleek Floor under Usual Ceiling Lamps

Small Lighting above Tiny L Shaped Kitchen Island closed Metal Barstools Foundation on Nice Floortile and Wooden Cabinets closed Pastel Wall

Soft Grey Wall Kitchen with Simple Window between Wooden Top Cabinets above L Shaped Kitchen Island near Floortile closed Refrigerator

Unique Hanging Lamp above Square Counter on Wooden Floor and Dark Backsplash Color closed Tiny Tubular Stove above L Shaped Kitchen Island

Usual Ceiling Design for Amusing Kitchen with Small Lighting and Simple Window near L Shaped Kitchen Island and Rug on Wooden Floor

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