Guide to Choose the Appropriate Kitchen Curtain Ideas

You should have known that there are various kinds of window treatment you can choose for your kitchen windows. Although you are free to choose any of them, there is still the appropriate ways to do it. If you are having trouble in designing your kitchen with kitchen curtain ideas, here I will share you some things you need to think about before you put your plan into action. This guide will help you make your kitchen a beautiful sight to see too.

Pleasant Countertop Pattern and Amusing Cabinet Model near Interesting Pictures on Backsplash beside Triple Window used Kitchen Curtain Ideas

The Size of the Window Treatment

Before you start to think about the type of kitchen curtain ideas you have to choose, you need to consider the size first. Quite often, there are small windows in the kitchen. Sometimes, you can find glass doors too. In order to match the needs, you need to choose window treatment types that are small and short in its design for small windows. It is okay if it does not cover the windows completely. Meanwhile, you need to choose long and thick ones for the glass doors.

Window Treatment Type for Small Windows

Yes, there are small windows in the kitchen. Usually, those windows are designed above the kitchen counter. For such window, the kinds of kitchen window treatment you can choose are blind and valance. They are basically small and short. That is why they are good kitchen curtain ideas for small windows. They are also good because they hang up above, avoiding the splash of water from the sink or stain from the foods you are working on, on the kitchen counter.

Window Treatment Type for Glass Doors

Although you don’t find these in every kitchen, there are people who like to have glass doors in their kitchen. For such window, do you think valance or blind would be appropriate to choose? No, they are not the right ones. Kitchen curtain ideas for glass doors are better given with curtain or drape. They hang down to the floor. But, it is okay for there is no need to fear splash of water or stain like when you feel so with small windows above.

Marvelous Kitchen Design with Pastel Wall Paint and Double Window used Amusing Kitchen Curtain Ideas and Cool Counter Model closed Stools

The Color and Pattern Choices

By now, you have known the right size and type of kitchen curtain ideas you need to choose. Keep the ways to choose them in mind first. Now, you need to choose the right color and pattern for your ideas of kitchen curtain. The key here is to choose the ones that match the furniture in the kitchen. If you have kitchen lights that illuminate the kitchen with yellow light for example, you can consider having pale yellow blind with green plants pattern on it.

Double Sink under Tiny Crane closed Simple Window used Green Kitchen Curtain Ideas Color beside White Top Cabinets Color

Fresh Plants Decor closed Tile Window used Elegant Kitchen Curtain Ideas and Double Sink on Nice Countertop Pattern closed Wooden Cabinet

Gorgeous Hanging Lamp above Interesting Dining Set on Wooden Floor near Bay Window used Kitchen Curtain Ideas and Nice Motive

Nice Lamp above Single Sink on Simple  Countertop near Slide Window used Brown Kitchen Curtain Ideas closed Casual Backsplash Tile

Streaky Door Bottom Cabinet Motive closed Big Single Sink under Tiny Faucet closed Tile Window used Yellow Kitchen Curtain Ideas

Sweet Pink Base Color for Kitchen Curtain Ideas for Slide Window used White Architrave Color and Pastel Wall Paint closed Wooden Countertop

White Brick Backsplash Model and Silver Hoods Color in Minimalist Kitchen with Casual Window used Kitchen Curtain Ideas facing Hanging Lamp

Wooden Top Cabinets beside Simple Window used White Blind plus Nice Kitchen Curtain Ideas near Small Faucet for Double Sink

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