Great Modern Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas

When you are choosing a multifunctional furniture to decorate the interior bedroom you need many ideas to move it. Especially in the modern era such as this, the interior and exterior design trend has led to the concept of a minimalist, elegant, and modern. One way to support such a concept is to put a multifunctional furnishings are practical, efficient, and does not require much space. Here are some examples of modern funiture for great bedroom.

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Table Lamp

Table lamp is generally placed over table. In addition to acting as a source of lighting when you are doing the reading in bed, a table lamp also serves as a decorative accent lighting that can provide lighting in the bedroom. The form of the house lights is available in a variety of designs, so you can choose the type of table lamp in accordance with the interior design of your modern furniture for bedroom.


In a bedroom, a mirror is a common presence as needed when the occupants of the room decorated themselves. The mirror itself form table mirror is small and can be placed on a dresser, a mirror or a wall which is large enough and hang on the wall of the bedroom. In general, the walls are decorated with framed mirror on the edge, and now the mirror frame is available with a variety of games shapes and attractive colors. In addition to functioning as a decorative element, the mirror can be a medium that can reflect light in different directions so that your modern furniture for bedroom lighting becomes more optimal.

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In the bedroom, clock is really important because as a timepiece which you can remember the time off and time your move. Although it’s main function is as a timepiece, but the clock located on a table or mounted on the wall can be a decorative element with shapes and colors which can be adapted to the interior design of your bedroom. The design of the clock itself has been varied now, so it is not only limited numbers and the needle but also with a variety of interesting additional decoration. You always remember to look at the clock.

Photo Frame

Put some photos loved ones will certainly have a positive effect on the atmosphere in the bedroom. Those photos will be very fun to watch every time you enter your bedroom, either when they want to relax or when you wake up in the morning. To beautify the look of these photos, you can place them in interesting frames with diverse shapes. You can display large photos in picture frames on the wall as modern furniture for bedroom, or just displaying photographs in a small picture frame “legs” can be put on the table.

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