Gray Living Room in Luxury and Elegance Realm

Gray, the color of elegance with its uniqueness to transform a gray living room to be a room with royal residence nuance. Yes, by applying gray paint job to your rooms, you can bring the feel of luxury and elegance at the same time. Different shades of gray would result in different effect, as long as you do it right along with the concept and the execution. Back to the past or further to the future nuance can be given to your rooms just by applying gray as the color.

Gray Living Room Interior Design in Traditional Style with Vintage Sofa Design and Unique Lampshade Decoration

Gray Living Room with Its Hidden Power

There are many types of gray living room that you can design and that will come along with different feels for each design. For example, if you want to create vintage looking living room, you can make a light gray living room. Subtle paint of light gray combined with wooden furnitures in pale white color, some brick decal as wall ornaments, and lovely oldies decoratives, your vintage room is right in the grasp of your hand. Different effect would appear if you apply medium dark gray. It would create futuristic value to the room. Its modern looking aura will bring your heart and mind to the calming nuance that you’re dreaming of.

Contrast Gray Living Room Create Unique Mysterious Universe

Sometimes to create a soothing but unique gray living room, you should be brave enough to step out of the limit. There are many gray living room ideas that use unusual concept. One of the way is by giving contrast. Contrast of gray with bright neutral color like white would do the deal. Use bold color of gray for the main color of wall paint, and put the combination of black and white furnitures (pale white will do).  Some people might think that combining gray with bright colors won’t work, but at some cases, it’s the opposite. Dark gray would do great with bright colors like blue or red. Not light red but more like blood red. However, the combination of dark gray and those kind of colors would create unique persona to the room. Elegance is guaranteed.

Gray Living Room Interior Design Decorated with Traditional Sofa made from Fabric Material and Wooden Coffee Table Ideas

To move further, you can try combining any shades of gray with some colorful color options light blue, red, green, or yellow. You only need to find the right clicks by trying some experiments before applying to your own room. Look for the best mixture that suits you. Gray living room is a tricky choice, thus you need to think about the masterplan or the real makeover.

Gray Living Room Interior Design in Modern Style using Modern Sofa and Flat TV Screen on the Wall for Inspiration

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Gray Living Room Interior with Traditional Small Design using Fabric Sofa Completed with Concrete Fireplace and Crystal Chandelier

Minimalist Gray Living Room Interior Design Decorated with Fabric Sofa Design and White Coffee Table using White Wall Color Ideas

Minimalist Gray Living Room Interior with Modern Design using Grey Fabric Sofa and Wooden Cabinet Decoration Ideas

Modern Gray Living Room Interior Design using Fabric Sofa and Glass Coffee Table Completed with Futuristic Hanging Fireplace Ideas

Small Gary Living Room Design using Modern Fabric Sofa Completed with Grey Lampshade and Grey Rug Design Ideas

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