Garage Design Ideas Optimizing Chessboard Flooring Ideas

It seems to be happy for people who are able to realize their favorite garage design ideas. Today, not everyone can have garage in their home. It is because the limit of space. Usually, they use the space at the yard as the ‘emergency’ garage. If you are one of the lucky men to have garage in your home, you should design the garage in the best design. Surely, the first thing should be noticed is space availability. Having small space for garage and large space for garage makes you have different choice of decoration ideas.

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In building new garage, you should put more focus on the floor. Actually, the appearance of floor can influence the entire room of garage. Popularly, people use chessboard floor motif. Whatever the color choice but chessboard motif becomes the most favorite floor design for people. You can prove it by looking for garage design ideas pictures in some sources. You will find some sameness in major garage design. Why people love chessboard flooring motif?

The answer will be relative of course. At least, we can take the middle point. Chessboard flooring motif is appropriate to modern and also traditional interior design. For large garage, it will make the room look compact. Meanwhile, for small garage interior, chessboard flooring ideas will make it looks bigger. Moreover, people can also modify the color of the floor based on their favorite color.

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Maybe the basic color is black and white. But, you can do some improvisations actually. You can use another color to be paired with ‘idea color’ which is black (it cannot be changed actually). If you want to design the garage interior with calm decoration, grey is the color to be paired with black. In garage design ideas gallery, there are also some attractive chessboard floor, such as orange-black and red-black.

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