Galley Kitchen Design Inspirations for You

If you have to deal with your narrow kitchen, these galley kitchen design ideas definitely are the right ones to inspire you. Despite the generally long and narrow room shape, these galley kitchens prove that a comfortable and convenient kitchen is not impossible to achieve. In fact, you can just stick with the simple layout plan that is ensured to make your workflow less complicated.

Eye Catching Hoem Interior Galley Kitchen Design Showing Natty Oak Cabinets and Dining Table Assembling

When it comes to galley kitchen design ideas, white interior is always a good one to pick. It is even better of your small kitchen can manage to provide natural lighting through glass windows—or even more creative: through skylight. This way, your small space may appear visually larger and feel airier. Apart from that, keeping the room free from clutter is also crucial. Uncluttered kitchen, especially in a small space, will ensure nothing to obstruct your path so you can work efficiently.

And that is the reason why proper cabinet planning for kitchen is important. It is common for a galley kitchen to utilize both lower and overhead kitchen cabinets to maximize the vertical space. This way, the small room thus can enjoy more storage spaces. Even so, not all galley kitchens utilize the same storage planning and layout. In fact, if you are careless, your tiny kitchen may end up appearing cramped due to the bulky cabinets. That is why overhead cabinets in galley kitchen are often designed with glass doors to maintain the airiness.

Glossy Island plus Wooden Cabinets in Galley Kitchen Design at Attic Area

On the other hand, your galley kitchen does not always have to be secluded. You may also find many inspiring galley kitchens are open to adjoining dining room. Open galley kitchen surely will eliminate the problem regarding the cramped feel. And last but not least, due to the limited space available, regular clean up becomes even more important no matter which one of galley kitchen remodel ideas you pick since you do need to kick the clutter away!

Idyllic Skylights in Galley Kitchen Design to Give Extra Lighting at the Daylight

Simple Galley Kitchen Design Showing Brown Cabinets and Steel Fridge near the Door

Best Remodel Ideas Galley Kitchen Design Implemented Bright Island under Transparent Lights

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