Free Standing Bath Tubs with Gorgeous Design and Style

Using bath tub in a bathroom can be a choice for some people and one type of it is the free standing bath tubs. What kind is that? Well, judging by the name, it’s one kind of tubs which is not built to the wall or floors. Instead, it stands up on its own, independent unit, and can be moved as one whole piece. Choosing the right type of free standing tubs can be considered important point since we have certain space to put it and specific design that give beauty value to the bathroom.

Free Standing Bath Tubs Decorated with Modern Design in White Color using Stylish Faucet Design for Bathroom Inspiration

Free Standing Bath Tubs in Minimalist Style

One type of a free standing bath tubs is the soaking tubs one. This type usually deeper in shape and usually without shower head but with water taps, making this kind is mainly for soaking purpose. Soaking tubs usually are in oval shape. The design of the could be minimalist but stylish in shape. You can choose an oval tubs for minimalist value. Even so, it’s stylish in design. For the bottom base, you have three general options. The one with no base (so it’s just the tub body), the one with block base (usually it’s in quadrangular shape), or the one with clawfoot support (tub stands) on each corner. The clawfoot type give artistic touch (the clawfoots are designed with curvy pattern) to the tub yet heavier. The common color is some shades of white with wood as base material finished or molded acrylic with waterproof coating.

Free Standing Bath Tubs with Unusual Touch

The other kind of free standing bath tubs is combined with a shower head. This free standing bath tubs with shower gives multifunctional purpose, both for showering or tub bathing. The one with shower usually have curtains around it for cover. Commonly bath tubs comes in white colors, but sometimes it is in the color of copper. So it would give traditional metal accent and different feel. But, if you wants an elegant look, you can choose a bath tub with support, and black colored tub. Tub with rectangular shape will give a contemporary look to it. To teleport much further to the future, you can design a private pod-like tub (like a spaceship pod). Finished with clear aqua blue glass door, enhancing the aquatic feels and futuristic atmosphere is like snapping finger. It’s can be designed with inner lighting inside, halogen lighting for instance and chrome finishing for a better look.

Free Standing Bath Tubs Design in Classic Style using White Granite and Wooden Frame Ideas Finished with Elegant Decoration

Designing your bathtub is essential, really really a key to your bathroom. You want a cozy and relaxing bath time, do you? That’s why planning anything about the tubs is going to affect the final result. Free standing bath tubs in one side is one solution if you want have tubs that can be moved anywhere and anytime to change the proportion of the bathroom.

Free Standing Bath Tubs Design in Modern Style Completed with Stylish Faucet Design and Wooden Flooring Interior Ideas

Free Standing Bath Tubs Design Interior using White Color and Minimalist Shape Combined with White Bathroom Vanity Style

Free Standing Bath Tubs Design with White Modern Decor using Concrete Flooring and Unique Faucet Design Ideas for Inspiration

Free Standing Bath Tubs with Modern Design in White Color Completed with White Shower Curtain and Wooden Flooring Design Ideas

Minimalist Free Standing Bath Tubs Decorated with White Modern Style and Concrete Tile Flooring and Small Wooden Table

Modern Free Standing Bath Tubs Design in White Color Combined with Wooden Flooring and Small Private Pool Ideas

Modern Free Standing Bath Tubs Design with White Color Decor and Glass Window Decoration and Concrete Tile Flooring Ideas

Small Free Standing Bath Tubs Design using White Color Style Decorated in Modern Decor Combined with Concrete Tile Flooring Decor

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