Frameless Shower Doors and Pros-Cons You Must Know

The frameless shower doors are common choice you can pick when you remodel a bathroom. The alternative to frameless shower enclosures is the framed shower doors. Unlike the framed counterparts, the frameless models do not have metal or any supporting materials around the edges, thus giving a unique appearance to the shower doors. Visual appearance aside, the frameless shower enclosures have its own pros and cons we will explain briefly today.

Fabulous Bright Triangular Bathtub Neighboring Glass Frameless Shower Doors at Bathroom Interior Design

The frameless glass shower doors, as mentioned before, have the more unique appearance, making them remarkable for having a distinct visual charm. Apart from that, the frameless doors can allow for more decorative features in addition to more creative bathroom layouts than the framed ones. Another advantage you can enjoy from the frameless doors for shower is the unlimited sizes available in stock since the manufacturers cut the glass for shower doors to size.

Even so, the frameless enclosures for shower room appear to favor appearances over function, especially when they are compared to the framed doors. Unlike frameless models, the framed shower enclosures have seals and rubber around the edges. They are useful to prevent leaks and flood reaching outside the shower room. On the other hand, frameless doors have gaps which may allow water splashing out the shower. This is also the reason why it is recommended to install shower head to the possible farthest side from the frameless door.

Agreeable Frameless Shower Doors Design with Chocolate Handle Enlightened by Lamps

Apart from that, the frameless doors are also more expensive to install. It is due to the use of thick and heavy glass for main materials. The supporting hardware, along with the extra labor costs, is also reasons why the initial cost of installing frameless glass shower doors is more costly. As we have answered your how much do frameless glass shower doors cost question, we reach the conclusion—even so, the decision is yours to make.

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