Floating Kitchen Shelves: How Can They Benefit Us?

You must have thought hard when you want to add storage in your kitchen design without making it too cramped. For a kitchen that is already like that, it is not an option to add more cabinet in. That is why homeowners and home designers like to choose floating kitchen shelves. Did you know? There is more than one benefit you can get from them. You might not pay attention to them that much, but it is good for you to know more about them.

Small Electric Stove under Calm Hood Color and Two Type Cabinets Color near Tiny Floating Kitchen Shelves on Wooden Backsplash

Additional Storage

The first benefit you can get from floating kitchen shelves is none other than them being additional storage for you. You don’t have to be confused to store your things anymore. Whether it is bowls, cups, bottles of spice, etc., you can always put them on the shelves. It is better this way rather than insist on storing them on the cabinets of the kitchen counter that are dark, making it hard to see inside.

Easy Reach and Visibility

Usually, floating kitchen shelves are made above the kitchen counter, on the wall of the two sides of the range hood. Such placement has made floating shelves in the kitchen to be easy to reach. You work on your foods by facing them after all. You don’t have to move from your spot or bend over too. Furthermore, since they are shelves, you can get good visibility of the things you need. These shelves help you to spot them in no time.

Space Saving

Next, of course, floating kitchen shelves are space-saving type. They only use the walls to hang on after all. They are not as bulky as floating cabinet either. That is why they don’t occupy the kitchen space too much. You will feel that your kitchen is roomier. Come to think of it, it does look better to have floating kitchen shelving rather than having floating cabinet on the walls above kitchen counter. So, you can consider this idea.

White Kitchen with Cool Hood above Black Gas Stove on Long Counter plus Single Sink and Simple Floating Kitchen Shelves

Display Area

You might not think about it before, but floating kitchen shelves can serve as good display area if you put your things tidily on them. They are open storage after all. Thus, anything you put on them will be visible to just anyone. You should have taken advantage of something like this, you see. When the things are put well, the shelves as well as those things will seem like a wall décor instead. It is not bad to realize in the kitchen.

Casual Tile Backsplash Model closed Floating Kitchen Shelves facing Pretty Hanging Lamp above Wooden Floor and Nice Flower Decor

Impressive Lighting for Modern Kitchen Design with Silver Floating Kitchen Shelves Color between White Top Cabinet and Nice Door Model

Nice Door Model used White Architrave Color beside Brown Floating Kitchen Shelves Color and Plant Decor on Wooden Floor

Plain Wall Paint and Small Pictures Decor beside White Floating Kitchen Shelves Color above Minimalist Cabinet on Wooden Floor

Round Lighting shaped and Modern Refrigerator beside Nice Bottom Cabinet Model near Interesting Backsplash and Black Floating Kitchen Shelves

Sleek Backsplash Surface and Long Brown Color Floating Kitchen Shelves near LCD TV facing Amusing Counter suitable for Contemporary Kitchen

Tiny Floating Kitchen Shelves and Silver Color on Amusing Backsplash Model and White Top Cabinet Color above Cook Item Holder

Wooden Floating Kitchen Shelves and Brown Color between Window and Soft Top Cabinet Color above Dark Countertop Color

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