Feng Shui Living Room for Family Quality Living

As most families spend most of the times in the living room, feng shui living room should also be addressed in mind. A living room should accommodate the good feng shui energies that are believed will affect a family’s wealth, health and joy.

Feng Shui Living Room Decorated with Contemporary Design using White Fabric Sofa and Black Leather Upholstered Chair

Feng Shui Living Room Energy and Colors Guidelines

Not any different with feng shui in your entire home, feng shui living room is actually based on the same energy guidelines. A feng shui in a living room should give the room more serenity, peace and make it feels more cozy and relaxing. That’s why, it is important for a living room to be clean, clutter, and to have a good quality air and good quality light as good energy foundation from which you can start creating good feng shui.

When we finished about the location, now it is the time to give living room fresh colors of chi through this Feng Shui Living Room arrangement! We can use the 8 Aspirations Formula to decide what feng shui living room paint colors are associated with what directional sector, but first let’s find out what directional sector the living room is located. All we have to do is stand in the center of the house with your compass and determine direction the living room is located whether it is north, south, east or west. Have we known the sector in which the living room is located, we can decided the perfect color for that sector. Gray, White, and Metallic colors are suitable for North, Northwest and West, Red, Orange, and Fuchsia,)are suitable for south west and south, Cream and Yellow are suitable for southeast, north west, Light or Dark Green (Wood).

Feng Shui Living Room Decorated with Traditional Design using Cream and Brown Sofa Completed with White Concrete Fireplace Ideas

Arranging Your Feng Shui Living Room

There are also some several guidelines for feng shui living room arrangement. It would be good if the living room in Feng Shui Living Room neither isregular in shape, neither small nor too big, located in the outer half of the house and not higher than the dining room. Make sure to hang a large family portrait to enhance the importance of the family members, keep the living room well lit, and enhance the elements of the each corner using element energizers. There are also several things to be avoided such as poison arrows or protruding corners in the living room, placing furniture under exposed beams, hanging pictures of aggressive animals in the living room or having a mirror reflecting the main door.

Feng Shui Living Room Decorated with White Sofa and Small Contemporary Fireplace Finished with Artistic Wall Decor

Feng Shui Living Room Design in Modern Style Decorated with Black and White Leather Sofa using Wooden Coffee Table

Feng Shui Living Room Design Using Modern Classic Furniture using Black Leather Sofa Completed with Crystal Chandelier Lighting Style

Feng Shui Living Room Interior Design Decorated with Modern Black Sofa made from Fabric Material and Wooden Coffee Table

Feng Shui Living Room with Traditional Small Design using White Fabric Sofa Completed with Small Wooden Buffet

Modern Feng Shui Living Room Design Decorated with White Sofa and White Coffee Table Completed with Bubble Pendant Lighting

Traditional Feng Shui Living Room with Floral Peach Fabric Sofa and Traditional Wooden Coffee Table Design Ideas

Feng Shui Living Room Decorated with Modern Design using Cream Sofa and Glass Wall Decoration for Home Inspiration

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