Exterior Window Shutters with Maximum Functional Features

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It’s said that having lager windows are better than having the small ones especially if they have pretty exterior window shutters. Well, it’s true because the larger the windows, the more sunshine will get through inside the interior. However, the problem is sometimes we see that large windows give heavy look both in exterior and interior. Modern home will have an objection for this concept, but after you see these ideas, you will not worry any longer. Large windows can be pretty if they are seen from outside as long as they have the pretty window shades, too.

Appealing Oak Material for Exterior Window Shutters beside Old Fashioned Window on Concrete Wall

Going in line with modern concept, functional exterior windows shutter should be applied. Anything the exterior wall is but the window shitter should complement it. If the exterior wall is constructed from red brick, the wooden shutter in country style is great. The shades color should be in neutral when facing rustic elements. Exterior wall is the background of how shades should be built. Tuscan home with concrete exterior wall can have large blue shades.

Traditional window is excellent for this house. The large window can have small balcony with steel balustrade on it. Blue color presents the bright contrast among the neutral colors. In summer or spring, bright shades will add more cheers. Bright red is fantastic for wooden shades on modern home with white frames. Blue accent is great to create better combinations on white exterior paint.

Attractive Exterior Window Shutters in Blue Color and French Design for White Arched Windows

Classic style is emerged from the windows with square glass framing. Red brick wall strengthen the classic style of traditional construction. If the house is in Spanish style, set the wooden shades with the natural wood texture. White windows frames are still all right for this wooden shade. Bold or neutral exterior painting suits with this wooden textured shade. Exterior wood shutters can be very decorative if the setting is proper and also still has their functions.

Classic Grey Exterior Window Shutters and White Framed Windows on Exterior Brick Wall

Enchanting Teak Exterior Window Shutters and Old Fashioned Glass Windows for Classic House

Fascinating Old Fashioned Window between Interesting Exterior Window Shutters on Rustic Brick Wall

Minimalist Teak Material for Exterior Window Shutters beside Classic Window on White Wall

Simple White Framed Windows and Grey Exterior Window Shutters on Exposed Brick Wall

Unique Red Exterior Window Shutters with Star Like Holes for White Framed Windows

Unusual Exposed Brick Wall with Grey Exterior Window Shutters beside Rustic Wooden Fence

Wonderful Stone Wall for Traditional House with White Windows and Wooden Exterior Window Shutters

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