Exoticism Exterior Sun Shades

Sunlight is a good for our indoor and outdoor home space. Sun light can kills bacteria, germ, and microbial in our home. Bad sun destructive sun light can be prevented by using blinds. We can get exotic exterior sun shades with unique blinds in outside our window or patio.

Backyard Plan With Swimming Pool Idea Feat Stylish Exterior Sun Shades And Metal Alfresco Dining Set

Patio space is a totally relaxing space. Open space has enough sun light and good air circulation. We can install black transparent blind on the patio blinds to have beautiful sun shades at noon. Use vintage modern rattan patio chairs and sleek vintage modern glass transparent coffee table. Put cut flower in to the unique minimalist vase and then place beside the patio sitting space.

Sleek modern minimalist stripy metal window exterior canopy will be given unique stripe sun shades. Put this unique stripy metal exterior window canopy outside the modern minimalist glass window or modern minimalist bay window.

Outdoor sitting space looks exotic using unique canopy tent. This canopy tent gives unique sun shade in the outdoor sitting space. Set this outdoor sitting beside the pool or garden. So we can have good outdoor sitting view. This unique canopy tent also can be used for small pool canopy. We can enjoy day swimming time with no bad sun shine worry. We also can get exotic sun shades while we there in the under water.

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Sleek modern minimalist outdoor relax space looks fabulous using sleek modern minimalist wooden laminated patio land board. Install minimalist canopy tent with minimalist metal pillars in every corner board. Outdoor sitting space also can use folding canopy and blinds. This blinds can be managed depends on sun requirement. Hals sun shades, full sun shine, or zero sun shine. Use sleek vintage modern minimalist white high gloss wooden laminated patio chairs and coffee table. Use beige fabric patio chair upholstering.

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