Cool Teen Bedrooms Using Black and White Interior Theme

Every teenager loves to have cool teen bedrooms. Decorating cool bedroom isn’t difficult actually if you have the reference. Either you have small bedroom or large bedroom, cool bedroom is possible to be activated. Cool bedroom has different meaning depending to the taster of the bedroom’s owner. Of course, different teenagers have different taste. Moreover, there are two major designs of teen bedroom; for girl and for boy. Both are surely different in characteristic.

Astonishing Oak Bed and Nightstands on Natural Laminated Flooring in Cool Teen Bedrooms

In this case, for something like a justice, I will talk about the unisex teen’s bedroom design. It is still in the term of coolness. Actually, the most influential matters in bedroom decoration are furniture and color choice. First is the furniture. For cool teen bedrooms ideas, furniture should be designed, especially for teenagers. In the teen’s room, bed is not alone. It will be accompanied by the learning desk for teen’s learning activity. For compact design, actually there is a bed designed in unite with learning desk.

It could be the best choice to design cool bedroom for teen. Moreover, a bedroom will be influenced significantly by the color, in this case theme. For unisex bedroom design, it is better to apply unisex color appropriate for both girl and boy. I can suggest black and white. Although it looks too standard, you will see the coolness of it. Black and white is basic color of everything. But, if those are combined in a theme, the outcome would be wonderful.

Comfy Purple Bed and Chair inside Cool Teen Bedrooms with Unusual Wall Decal

To apply black and white, you should decade first, what is the dominant color? Both black and white is able to be adopted as dominant color. But, if you want to create bright interior, white will be better. It means the entire wall inside the bedroom should be painted white and also the floor. The black composition in cool teen bedrooms design ideas is only appeared as some accents.

Cool Teen Bedrooms with Blue Bed and High Clothes Wardrobe near Floating Table

Enchanting Bed and Blue Brown Bedding for Cool Teen Bedrooms Interior with Simple Side Tables

Fabulous Brown Bed and White Nightstand in Spacious Cool Teen Bedrooms with White Cabinet

Lovely Dolls in Cool Teen Bedrooms with Fluffy Bed and Cushions under Red Floating Shelves

Simple Bunk Bed from Wood Material for Cool Teen Bedrooms with Spacious Hardwood Flooring

Spacious Area for Cool Teen Bedrooms with White Bed and Black Duvet facing White Cabinet

Stylish White Bunk Bed and Study Area inside Cool Teen Bedrooms with Black Swivel Chair

Traditional White Bed and Fluffy Pillows in Cool Teen Bedrooms with Blue Padded Ottomans

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