Cabinet Refacing Cost for New Fresh Home Kitchen

Have you ever find a worn out cabinet or get bored with the looks of your cabinet but still considering the cabinet refacing cost? Will it worth to reface the cabinet? Well, refacing old cabinets will take some time and money to spend. People have their own pros and cons about refacing or replacing since it will make an equally great result. You need to take time and think about some things as you will decide to reface or replace.

White Cabinet Refacing Cost Design in Traditional Style Made from Wooden Material Combined with Cream Marble Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Cabinet Refacing Cost with All the Pros and Cons

Considering the cabinet refacing costas you decide whether to reface or replace is important. Both will result in a new looking cabinets and kitchen appearance. The cabinet refacing cost estimate the cost for a 10 feet by 12 feet is about $1000 to $3000 for laminate, $2500 to $6000 for wood veneer and may vary in cost depending on the kitchen’s size and the quality. Meanwhile, replacing all cabinet to new ones would cost $4000 to $20000 depends on the cabinets’ type (including the custom made types).  The time needed to reface cabinet would be a week at worst, meaning it would be lower in cost and less time consuming. Another advantage is you are able to use your kitchen while in the refacing process. On the other hand, refacing won’t fix any bad damage in your cabinets and forcing you to replace it if you wish.

Considering Cabinet Refacing Cost for Further Future Usage

Calculating the plus side of cabinet refacing cost (less cost and less time consuming), cabinet refacing would be a great choice to make a better visual to your kitchen. Just to compare, replacing one door to a brand new one, in average, would cost about $250 per door (you don’t misread it, one door only). If you have 5 or 6 doors, looking at the cabinet doors cost, you just need to multiply it. Compared to the the entire cabinet refacing, about $3500 would finish the job. If your kitchen really need a makeover, refacing would be one of a fantastic suggestion.

Traditional Kitchen Design with Wooden Cabinet Refacing Cost Combined with Marble Kitchen Countertop and Minimalist Interior Ideas

Based on the pros and cons, some people would prefer to reface their cabinets instead of replacing to a new one. It is one solution to make your kitchen looks like brand new. Cabinet refacing cost can be considered as one factor whether you’ll do the reface or replace, later.

Traditional Kitchen Design Interior with Wooden Cabinet Refacing Cost Combined with Black White Countertop Design

Corner Kitchen Design Interior with Beige Cabinet Refacing Cost made from Wooden Material Combined with Mosaic Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Minimalist Contemporary Cabinet Refacing Cost with Cream Color made from Wooden Material and White Granite Kitchen Countertop Design

Minimalist Contemporary Kitchen Interior with Wooden Cabinet Refacing Cost Combined with Marble Kitchen Countertop Ideas

Minimalist Kitchen Design Interior with Cabinet Refacing Cost Using Glass Cabinet Door Ideas and Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Small Kitchen Design Interior Decorated with Wooden Cabinet Refacing Cost Using Corner Minimalist Ideas and Concrere Countertop

Traditional Kitchen Design Decorated with Wooden Cabinet Refacing Cost Completed with Brown Marble Countertop and Limestone Flooring

White Kitchen Design Interior Decorated with Wooden Cabinet Refacing Cost in Traditional Style Combined with Glass Cabinet Door Design Ideas

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