4 Ways to Get the Right Position for Kitchen Lighting Ideas

There seems to be no wrong when installing the lights to the kitchen. It is because thinking about the simple function of light to be applied in the room without thinking more about kitchen lighting ideas that can be applied well. But, installing the lights to wrong position is not effective because you may need more lights when only several lights are actually needed to light the room. It doesn’t matter with the shape of lamp itself, but if it does not light the certain of the kitchen correctly, your effort will be in vain.

Modern Kitchen with Sleek Calm Floortile Color under Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Contemporary Cabinets Model closed Tubular Stove

Ventilation is the First Essential Thing for Kitchen Lighting Rules

Thinking about the lights or kitchen lighting ideas, the most essential thing is to know the rule that kitchen needs enough ventilation for natural light and fresh air. Surely, you will not like the idea of the last night food smell that still stays at the kitchen in the next morning. It can be said that to get the better light in the kitchen, the ventilation can face to the east way. But, this is also applicable to get the natural light from any direction that facing to the yard. The fresh air from the yard can be good air exchange to the kitchen.

Install Certain Lights for Certain Parts of Kitchen

For the night time, it doesn’t matter to choose any kind of lamp shape while looking for the best kitchen lighting ideas for your kitchen. A long as it can lighten the kitchen well; it can be the correct one to choose. Measure the light of the kitchen; don’t be too light or too dark. When there are kitchen cabinets above the stove, it will be better to put the lamp under the cabinets to lighten the stove area. It is to light the food that is cooked on the stove, to make sure that the food is cooked well.

Besides installing the lamp under the cabinets, installing the lamps above the kitchen islands is also be considered to be one good idea of kitchen lighting ideas. The idea of installing the lamps above the kitchen island is to make the kitchen island stand out among the other furniture in the kitchen.

Double Sink under Amusing Top Cabinets closed Small Baksplash Tile inside Trendy Kitchen with Small Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Wooden Floor

Kitchen Furniture that Provides Its Own Light can be Considered Well

Also, there is no wrong with the kitchen lighting ideas of installing the lamp on above the sink. Washing the dishes needs good light so plates, glasses, and friends can be really clean. Actually, there is also the kitchen furniture that provides the lights to the kitchen by itself. Such as in cooker hood or chimney, it can support well the light in the kitchen, without installing the additional lights to it.

Contemporary Tubular Stove closed Nice Backsplash Tile near Marble Types Of Kitchen Countertops plus Single Sink under Arched Silver Crane

Silver Storage beside Wooden Cabinets closed Amusing Backsplash and Tubular Stove above Gas Stove plus Nice Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Simple Brick Backsplash closed Usual Window plus Drapery near Amusing Kitchen Lighting Ideas above Minimalist Counter closed Tiny Barstools

Small Counter closed Amusing Barstools on Floortile under Usual Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Simple Window plus Blind closed Backsplash

White Backsplash Color closed Sleek Types Of Kitchen Countertops and Amusing Pattern plus Tile Door Top Cabinets inside Casual Kitchen Model

White Cabinets Color in Cool Kitchen Design with Pretty Flowers Decor on Casual Counter on Wooden Floor under Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Wooden Cabinets closed Pastel Wall Paint inside Interesting Kitchen Design with Fixture Kitchen Lighting Ideas above Small Counter Size

Wooden Floor for Interesting Kitchen Design with Amusing Hanging Lamp above Types Of Kitchen Countertops plus Single Sink under Arched Crane

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